Woman vs Machine: The Ultimate Showdown

LONDON and TEL AVIV, March 2022

LitiGate, the AI-powered litigation lifecycle management platform, has announced the results of a new, ‘peer-reviewed’ study that compared the abilities of humans and artificial intelligence to manage, explore and analyze a legal dispute. 

In a first of its kind exercise, LitiGate tasked two legal experts with conducting an initial case assessment of the Hilary Clinton email case. Participants were asked to create a hypothetical case overview and chronology. Identifying the salient points, key actors and key events pertaining to the well-known case, after reviewing over 250 publicly available documents of different types.

In a first of its kind exercise, LitiGate tasked two legal experts with conducting an initial case assessment Lucy Moore from Taylor Wessing UK used LitiGate’s AI-powered litigation lifecycle management platform to conduct her case review; while Emily McCormack, a Cambridge Law graduate and trainee solicitor at Hogan Lovells, with years of experience working in disputes, conducted her research manually.

The results were striking and demonstrated the speed and accuracy of LitiGate’s AI in a test case review scenario. With McCormack completing the tasks in 18hr 42 minutes, identifying 82 different events; while Moore completed the same tasks in 1h 28 mins and identified 120 events.

Lucy Moore from Taylor Wessing comments: “Reviewing any type of case takes time, but the results of today’s tasks show how LitiGate is making that process more efficient for law firms. The fact that LitiGate enabled me to complete today’s task 18 times quicker than Emily not only shows how technology can streamline the case review process; but also how accurate it is. Whether I was creating a case chronology, a court bundle or identifying key facts to build my case, using LitiGate helped me to get to the heart of the matter in record time.”

Nimrod Aharon, LitiGate’s founder and CEO, says: “Today’s study was great fun, but the results are clear. LitiGate is helping lawyers around the world to transform manual tasks and data analysis work. A dispute is about understanding and communicating the story and we helped Lucy to build that story quickly and efficiently, at the same time as managing her case documents and connecting the dots in the case.

“We built LitiGate to automate the very manual work teams undertake in all disputes, such as drafting chronologies, bundles and identifying key actors in a case, and we’ve been delighted with the way dispute teams all over the world have adopted LitiGate. It’s great to see firms, like Taylor Wessing, embracing LitiGate to improve their offering, and we look forward to supporting more real life cases in the future.”

About LitiGate

LitiGate is the leading litigation platform for disputes and investigations teams with hundreds of lawyers using the platform across the globe, from small regional firms to ‘Global Top 100’ law firms. LitiGate’s consolidated platform is enhanced by its advanced machine learning technology, assisting lawyers across practice areas and throughout all the pivotal stages of the case. The platform automates repetitive manual tasks such as crafting chronologies, bundles, and more. LitiGate connects the dots between all the case data including files, events, issues and actors.

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