OGR Stock Denton –
Case Organisation: The Initial “Sift”

OGR Stock Denton’s Dispute Resolution team used LitiGate to assist with case setup and organisation.

The Challenges

The team received a new case, comprising reams of documents, varying in type and relevance and unordered. It would have taken many hours to manually sort through, identify and order the documents, as well as identify and remove duplicates.

The Solution

They used LitiGate to automate the initial “sift” through the papers and quickly bring order to the dataset while making it easily navigable. 

The team benefited from the File Manager, essentially “feeding” in a disordered set of papers and letting LitiGate automatically de-duplicate, name, date, classify and order them all on upload. Any missing information was highlighted and could be added manually quickly and easily. 

OGR’s lawyers were also able to isolate and exclude specific file types – that were irrelevant for the task at hand – using LitiGate’s advanced filtering options. 

Users also benefited from automatic OCR-ing on upload, making all documents instantly searchable. Using SmartSearch to find specific words, names or phrases, with results ordered and filtered, saved the team a lot of time and effort. 

For search tools LitiGate’s SmartSearch is the best we’ve seen by miles
Ian Pearl, Partner at OGR

Having the key actors automatically extracted by LitiGate at the same time also helped the team by setting the scene for them and doing the groundwork in identifying which actors were mentioned in which documents.

The Result

OGR’s team saved many hours of work and were able to significantly streamline their data organisation process with LitiGate’s AI-powered document classification and exploration  tools. 

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