Jacqueline Thomas QC –
review of medical records

Jacqueline Thomas QC – Joint Head of Spire Barristers Chambers – recently used LitiGate to assist with a detailed review of medical records.

The Challenges

The evidence for review comprised lengthy medical records, from which the salient points or events needed to be identified, extracted and catalogued, all within a tight timeframe.

The Solution 

Jacqueline Thomas QC delegated the task to LitiGate’s Chronologies. Our AI technology automatically extracted and ordered the key events from within the records, making it easy to unpick the history and hone in on particular periods and issues. The ability to interrogate source documents for further detail, and to search and edit the chronology and notes/comments, meant that Counsel could produce a clear and accurate working summary with minimal manual effort. Automatic extraction of every time event meant that the groundwork was covered in one click; Counsel was then able to build upon the draft chronology to refine and enrich the story. 

Counsel also benefited from LitiGate’s Smartsearch tool; automatic OCR-ing of documents on upload meant that the entire dataset becomes instantly searchable. Using SmartSearch to find specific words, names or phrases, with results ordered and capable of being filtered by date range, saved Counsel the “digging” that would have taken many hours, and been far less effective if done manually.

Chronologies has been really useful, a significant time saver! It has improved the quality of the review as well. Counsel must work within the time they are given, so here the review has been more thorough than a manual review, extracting more events than I would have done had I completed this task manually.
Jacqueline Thomas

The Result

Counsel saved many hours of trawling and was able to significantly streamline and sharpen her review of medical records with the help of LitiGate’s AI-powered document analysis tools. 

Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2020 with 20 years experience in the field of family law, Jacqueline undertakes complex Children Public Law cases and Court of Protection health and welfare cases. Jacqueline is particularly known for her attention to detail in complex finding of fact hearings and her forensic cross examination.