Get Up to Speed on a New Matter Quickly

Chadwick Lawrence turned to LitiGate to get a newly inherited case – with a fast-approaching hearing – into shape quickly and easily. They found that LitiGate plugged the gap for modest-sized cases, which do not warrant the use of an e-disclosure platform, but which need thorough analysis and ease of navigation. 

The Challenges

The team needed to learn a new case quickly. The team at ChadLaw inherited a matter centred on an application for relief from sanctions. When the team received the instruction the case was simply swathes of information to be digested fast and was just days away from the application hearing. This modest-sized dataset had simply been lifted from a practice management system, and the documents were in no particular order. 

The Solution

ChadLaw used LitiGate to automatically organise and classify the raw dataset. In a matter of a few minutes, all the documents were chronologically ordered, classified into relevant categories and all emails were automatically threaded and deduplicated.

The team then used LitiGate’s automated factual Chronologies to get up to speed on the matter very quickly, saving hours of puzzling over the detailed history of the claim. With just a few clicks the team was able to reveal the full story of “who did what and when” in this newly received case.

The team then used LitiGate Bundles to instantly prepare the bundles needed for the upcoming Application Hearing. 

LitiGate was so helpful in this case; it saved me a lot of time and is really user-friendly
Leah Williams, Trainee solicitor

The Result

LitiGate saved the team hours of work and manual trawling, and made bundle-building quick and easy, avoiding the need for a disproportionate amount of time to be spent on a modest-sized case.

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