Costs and Case Management Conference Preparation with LitiGate


The Costs and Case Management Conference (CCMC) allows the Court to define the core issues of a dispute and provide directions to trial. It is another key moment in the litigation lifecycle, involving specific technical requirements with which parties must comply.

LitiGate boosts the CCMC process with a range of AI-powered solutions, helping dispute resolution teams to save countless hours and reduce manual work. This allows litigators to focus on what they do best: substantive legal work that wins cases.

Case Data Transformed into Analysed Assets

The importance of AI-powered data analysis early on in the litigation process manifests itself clearly in the context of CCMC. Parties must prepare for a CCMC well in advance. With LitiGate CCMC preparation essentially begins as soon as the first document is uploaded to the platform and continues as filings, court-issued documents, correspondence, and evidence start to come in. And all you have to do is upload the documents, our algorithm takes care of the rest!

With LitiGaLitiGate classifies all uploaded files into document categories, compares their content, and organises case facts by date and additional parameters. With the data heavy lifting completed by LitiGate’s algorithm, your analysed case information is ready to be used in order to augment the CCMC preparation process.

CCMC Submissions Simplified

Automated Chronologies. Creating a chronology ahead of the CCMC is now a no-brainer. On LitiGate a case chronology – detailing the key documents, facts, and events at the heart of the matter – is automatically extracted from your uploaded documents. When new case events occur, over time, your chronology automatically updates to reflect the latest additions.

To build upon and customise an automatically generated chronology you may remove or event rows. Your automatically extracted set of facts may serve as the basis for topic-specific, actor-specific, or time-specific chronologies of your choosing. You can also collaborate with team members on chronology edits. Instantly generated, customisable and built for teamwork: chronologies will never be the same again.

Automated Bundles. Electronic bundles must meet certain technical requirements, meant to ensure consistency and usefulness for the Court. With LitiGate you can create high-quality bundles, fully compliant with the latest Court requirements, in just a few clicks. With index, cover pages, pagination, and document dating, all completely automated and easily exportable, dispute resolution teams report over 80% time savings compared with traditional tools.

Automated Legal Story Extraction. Parties may, and in some Courts and scenarios must, submit various documents outlining the case story ahead of hearings. Examples include submissions such as Case Summary, Case Memorandum, and List of Common Grounds and Issues. LitiGate’s wide range of AI-powered features lay the groundwork for teams summarising the factual story and parties’ positions on the legal issues. First, LitiGate Chronologies extracts the factual outline of your case. Second, LitiGate Crosscheck helps you to easily identify agreed-upon facts and contested issues, as automatically flagged by our algorithm. Third, LitiGate Smart Search allows you to zoom in on any topic that you wish to investigate further, supporting complex and multi-layered queries as needed (and by the way, your search will cover those traditionally non-searchable PDFs – everything becomes searchable on LitiGate!). Along with ease of use and speed, these tools provide litigators with the assurance that they’ve picked up all the key issues to give the Court a full overview of the case.

Closing Gaps Between Parties Ahead of CCMC

With a full view of the case before you, including document volume and similarities and discrepancies in Statements of Case, you are ready to discuss Cost Budget and Draft Directions. To facilitate these conversations and to help narrow the issues using objective data, LitiGate allows you to quickly access and export meaningful case information to share with the other side.

Keeping Track of CCMC Timelines

Before and during hearings, lawyers often need to quickly get an overview of the procedural position. When you need to identify the key deadlines and the parties’ compliance – or otherwise – LitiGate has you covered. With LitiGate you can automatically generate a list of Court Orders and Filings associated with your case, organised by date, providing you with a quick and easy way to track progress and compliance. 

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