Preparation for an Appeal in the Employment Tribunal with LitiGate


Boutique law firm Kepler Wolf used LitiGate to assist in bringing a discrimination claim on behalf of their client. Having gone beyond the Grievance stage it was necessary to appeal to the EAT; LitiGate was a valuable tool in this process. The primary tasks were digesting and organising all of the relevant documents to file the claim and brief Counsel. 

LitiGate speeds up so many of the tasks that I would otherwise have to do manually and it actually helps me to understand my client’s case better.
Tara Grossman , Partner at Kepler Wolf

The Challenges

Exploration of case data, to gain a clear understanding of the case and the salient issues, requires detailed analysis of the documents. That process can be lengthy and laborious, and what’s more, can only be done meaningfully when all documents have been clearly organised, classified and analysed. 

One specific challenge of the case was that the team were under time pressure to digest an unfamiliar document set and identify the key evidence, and any lacunae within that evidence. They had to quickly get a grasp of the main issues, to inform their strategy, brief Counsel and prepare document bundles accordingly. 

The Solution

Kepler Wolf used LitiGate’s suite of Collaboration tools to work with others on the case, easily and in live time.  Granting access to clients and Counsel means that everyone is, quite literally, on the same page. Seamless cooperation, both internal and external, was bolstered through the ability to add tags and comments to documents and events (even down to the sentence level).  Kepler Wolf’s client was able to take an active role in building the case, sharing and commenting on key documents. This alleviated time pressure on the team and also helped to enhance the lawyers’ own understanding of the case. 

The team wanted to quickly see, and navigate, the bigger picture, and drill down within their case documents to find exactly what was needed. They used LitiGate’s Upload & File Manager tools to automatically OCR, de-duplicate, classify, name and order their documents.  LitiGate even extracts and analyses email attachments, and shows their association with an email or thread, saving much manual searching and ordering. 

The team needed to quickly create document bundles. Users enjoyed all the benefits of LitiGate’s Bundling tool – quick, slick, easy to use feature, and allows for creation of Court-compliant customised bundles in just a few clicks. This afforded significant time saving when compared with existing bundling methods. 

Kepler Wolf lawyers were able to search their entire dataset at once through LitiGate SmartSearch, maximising on advanced filtering to hone in on the specific information sought.  With LitiGate, time spent on knowledge elicitation is reduced significantly as all case documents become searchable automatically.  Users could easily drill down to all mentions of an item/event, filtered by both date range and source document type, to work with maximum precision. 

LitiGate saves me so much time and is also a great way for me to work with my clients, who can be so much more involved in the running of their case.
Tara Grossman , Partner at Kepler Wolf

The Result

The team were able to bring their client into the picture, and to get to the crux of the case quickly, saving many hours of trawling. They were able to craft their case with precision, and to quickly and easily prepare Court-compliant document bundles, and in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.

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