Early Case Assessment With LitiGate


Leading international law firm Hill Dickinson recently used LitiGate in a piece of high-profile litigation. The team needed to review over 1,000 documents in order to learn the new case’s factual story, assess the legal risk and decide the arguments and evidence ahead of the trial.

The challenges

  • The documents received by the client included lengthy email correspondence, involving duplications, and a mix of evidence and pre-action documents.
  • Most documents provided by the client were scanned and previously not searchable PDFs.
  • The team previously relied on their Document Management System to access the case information, however, they could not always find key information easily, analyse the data efficiently and manage the important issues collaboratively.
One of the big issues we’re having trouble with is identifying dates in all the document
Moya Clifford, Legal Director and Professional Support Lawyer

The solution

The team chose to use LitiGate, with its easy browser log-in deployment and intuitive interface. Working remotely, all team members were able to securely access all of the documents. LitiGate was able to instantly read and form an understanding of the documents, which gave the team an immediate visualisation of their entire dataset. The lawyers were then able to zero-in on crucial information, harnessing LitiGate’s powerful data culling and filtering functionalities. By analysing the documents, LitiGate revealed conceptually similar issues and documents to those investigated, ensuring that the team were confident that no key information was left undiscovered.

The team estimated that using LitiGate throughout the project saved them dozens of hours of “heavy lifting”.

I just clicked a few buttons and had a chronology…. Its massively helpful
Fiona Parry, Partner, Head of Commercial Litigation