liti·gate point of view

We are on a mission to free lawyers from repetitive litigation tasks and equip dispute resolution teams with relevant information and insights to deliver accurate legal services, faster.

We are a diverse group of people, all passionate about our mission. Our aim is to provide the most fantastic litigation products to uncover powerful and as-yet untapped information, making it instantly available to lawyers.

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Nimrod Aharon

Co-Founder & CEO

Nimrod’s vast legal experience as a Supreme Court clerk, a commercial litigator and a civil procedure expert is among the cornerstones of liti·gate. Knowing the professional pain lawyers endure, Nimrod knows it can be overcome. Combining his entrepreneurial spirit and years of practical, judicial and academic experience, Nimrod leads liti·gate’s journey in revolutionising legal craftsmanship. 


Guy Uziel

Co-Founder & CTO

Guy, a machine learning enthusiastic and a Ph.D candidate, possesses years of practical and theoretical experience in various machine learning and text analysis related fields. Guy strongly believes in technology’s ability to dramatically improve litigators’ daily workflow through the utilization state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities.