OGR Stock Denton selects LitiGate for Dispute Resolution

LONDON, February 2022

OGR Stock Denton, a long-established London-based law firm, has selected LitiGate, the AI-powered litigation lifecycle management platform, to help its dispute resolution teams to analyse, explore and manage their cases more efficiently.  

LitiGate’s centralized, AI-powered platform will enable OGR Stock Denton’s teams to analyse and manage case documents and connect the dots in their cases. Automating many of the tasks its dispute resolution teams undertake on a daily basis, such as drafting chronologies, bundles and identifying key actors in a case. 

“For the past 50 years, our experienced team has been advising individuals and businesses on numerous legal issues. We understand that our clients want to see value and for their matters to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, which is why we are open to utilising cutting edge technology, like LitiGate, to empower our teams to focus on what matters most. Winning cases.”

Designed by lawyers to transform the litigation process, Litigate’s platform is revolutionizing the way litigators work. James Hansen, Director of Sales at LitiGate, adds: “LitiGate is now used in three continents, across contentious teams in top global law firms, such as Baker Mckenzie and Taylor Wessing, and smaller specialist firms, like OGR Stock Denton. 

“We’ve built Litigate to automate the underlying work teams undertake in the majority of disputes, whatever stage those cases are at. A dispute is about controlling the story and we help our users to build that story quickly and efficiently.

“We’ve been delighted with the way OGR’s teams have adopted LitiGate. It’s always great to see firms embracing LitiGate to improve their offering, and we look forward to supporting OGR’s teams to expand their use of LitiGate in the future.”

About LitiGate

LitiGate is the leading litigation platform for disputes and investigations teams with hundreds of lawyers using the platform across the globe, from small regional firms to ‘Global Top 100’ law firms. LitiGate’s consolidated platform is enhanced by its advanced machine learning technology, assisting lawyers across practice areas and throughout all the pivotal stages of the case. The platform automates repetitive manual tasks such as crafting chronologies, bundles, and more. LitiGate connects the dots between all the case data including files, events, issues and actors.

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