Leading QC Chooses LitiGate for Case Preparation and Creating Electronic Bundles

LONDON, January 2022

Jacqueline Thomas QC, a Family Law and Court of Protection Barrister at Spire Barristers, has selected LitiGate, the AI-powered litigation lifecycle management platform, to help her to prepare cases and create electronic bundles. 

Instead of pouring over mountains of documents and pulling the key information from them to build her cases, Thomas will be able to upload her documents onto LitiGate’s platform to be analyzed, categorized and dated, using LitiGate’s proprietary, advanced AI algorithms. 

From there, LitiGate will extract the granular detail of each case, going sentence by sentence to find the pertinent events and identify the key actors. Helping Jacqueline to analyse, explore and manage her cases more efficiently.  As well as looking for help with case preparation and management, Jacqueline Thomas QC was looking for a solution that helped her to prepare electronic bundles for her cases. 

“Over the last two years, the volume of papers in my area of work has grown, so I was interested to see how LitiGate could assist me with the case preparation process.”

Leveraging cutting edge technology, including AI and NLP, LitiGate will ease that administrative burden by automating focussed reading, early case assessment, hearing preparation and drafting and reviewing witness statements. 

“I’m particularly interested in LitiGate’s chronology functionality and how that will assist with my case preparation for hearings”. 

LitiGate will help Jacqueline to unpick the history during her initial case assessment and isolate key facts for a case chronology. Automatically extracting the raw facts from documents of any type to create detailed factual stories.

James Hansen, Director of Sales at LitiGate, says; “LitiGate’s AI is helping QCs, like Jacqueline Thomas, to manage and analyse large volumes of case documents, to build chronologies, identify actors and key events. Transforming the way they work.” He adds “LitiGate is used by QCs and in-house teams around the world in top law firms, such as Baker McKenzie and Taylor Wessing, as well as boutique firms, such as Kepler Wolf.”

About LitiGate

LitiGate is the leading litigation platform for disputes and investigations teams with hundreds of lawyers using the platform across the globe, from small regional firms to ‘Global Top 100’ law firms. LitiGate’s consolidated platform is enhanced by its advanced machine learning technology, assisting lawyers across practice areas and throughout all the pivotal stages of the case. The platform automates repetitive manual tasks such as crafting chronologies, bundles, and more. LitiGate connects the dots between all the case data including files, events, issues and actors.

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