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AI-Powered Litigation.

LitiGate automates repetitive tasks and reveals untapped information from your case so your team can deliver faster services, at less cost and with improved accuracy.

An intelligent litigation operating system

Whether you work in litigation, arbitration or mediation,
LitiGate is where your case lives from start to finish.


Get the story straight with just a few clicks.

LitiGate identifies, categorises and extracts all the events from your uploaded files, so you can effortlessly and instantly create chronologies of the key facts and issues in your case.


Connect the dots and never miss a thing.

By analysing each sentence in all the documents across your case, we uncover similarities, discrepancies and unseen links within the data and alert you to documents or events that are related to each other.

Legal Research

No more trawling through hundreds of irrelevant case law search results.

By matching semantic patterns in your documents to those in past cases, we build a unique fingerprint of your case and use it to hunt down the precedents you need most.


Don’t let bundling take over your life ever again.

Quickly and painlessly create electronic bundles of relevant documents; whether for a meeting, hearing or trial. Simply select the documents you want to include and we do the rest.

Where litigation happens

We empower lawyers to focus on what matters most. Winning cases.

Working from a centralised platform
consolidates the tools you need most in one place, reducing expenses and boosting efficiency.

Automating repetitive tasks reclaims 1000’s of lost hours and lets your lawyers do what they were trained to do – focus on the law.

AI analysis of your documents is automatic and constant, letting your team move faster and with less chance for error.

Streamlined workflows enhance collaboration and allow teams to redistribute resources to more pivotal stages of the legal process.

It’s not magic. It’s the future of law.

See what our users are saying about LitiGate.

“LitiGate has a slick interface, carefully designed around the way lawyers think and work.”

Nick Pryor, Director of Innovation Solutions, BCLP

“A game-changing product for our disputes and investigations team.”

Laurence Liberman, Senior Partner, Taylor Wessing

“LitiGate is transforming the delivery of legal services.”

Ben Allgrove, Global R&D Partner, Baker McKenzie

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Whenever there is no activity on your account, you will be credited for the unused time.


LitiGate is ISO 27001 certified.

You and your clients can rest easy knowing that security is in our DNA.