Taylor Wessing launches the power of LitiGate across its network

LONDON, June 2021

International law firm Taylor Wessing has officially launched LitiGate’s AI-driven litigation platform across its network of contentious teams. 

The firm has moved from a test phase of the tool on a select number of cases to its rollout across a wide community of the contentious practices involving its application to many of its most significant pieces of litigation or arbitration.  

Taylor Wessing chose LitiGate as its go-to litigation lifecycle platform to support clients with contentious matters, following its work with the platform’s developers during the testing phase. 

The firm supported LitiGate’s ground-breaking machine learning developments from its early conception in 2018 and was one of only three global law firms to establish an initial relationship, taking an active role in shaping and leading the next generation of litigation solutions. 

Taylor Wessing is one of the leading law firms with offices in the UK offering market-leading contentious services to clients across the globe. With expertise in the technology sector and its renowned reputation for innovation through technology solutions, the firm’s adoption of LitiGate will enable the transformation of extensive manual tasks and data analysis to deliver meaningful value to its clients. 

The firm has been impressed by the technology’s ability to deliver cost and time efficiencies across numerous tasks and projects, from initial risk assessment to smart document searching, witness evidence review and bundling. Taylor Wessing made the decision to deploy LitiGate as the only solution on the market that can automatically identify and classify facts, key events and issues from both filings and court documents as well as evidence, correspondence and other types of documents.

LitiGate enables disputes and investigations teams to instantly create detailed case chronologies, automatically classify all files and key events, cross-check and track the factual and legal issues, collaborate with clients, experts and counsel, and create fully court-compliant bundles.

Laurence Lieberman, Disputes and Investigations Partner at Taylor Wessing said: “LitiGate is a perfect example of first-class AI technology that can revolutionise the way we can support our clients. The digitisation of disputes is fast changing. In the last year we’ve seen our courts transform to virtual and digital reality, and LitiGate is a leading player in shaping this. It’s been a pleasure to work so closely with Nimrod and the team over the past few years and see how the platform has continued to evolve.”

LitiGate’s CEO, Nimrod Aharon, commented:“Taylor Wessing is among our most innovative clients. As a forward-thinking firm looking to deliver more value to its clients, we’re excited that Taylor Wessing clearly sees the value of our AI-powered litigation platform across a variety of everyday tasks and throughout the entire case lifecycle. LitiGate’s growing adoption across the UK, US and Australia shows an increasingly fast-paced change in the legal profession, to meet clients’ demand for more cost-effective and innovative ways to deliver legal services”. 

About LitiGate

LitiGate is the leading litigation platform for disputes and investigations teams with hundreds of lawyers using the platform across the globe, from small regional firms to ‘Global Top 100’ law firms. LitiGate’s consolidated platform is enhanced by its advanced machine learning technology, assisting lawyers across practice areas and throughout all the pivotal stages of the case. LitiGate automates repetitive manual tasks such as crafting chronologies, bundles and more, and connects the dots between all the case’s data including files, events, issues and actors.

About Taylor Wessing

LitiGate helps you to showcase your comprehensive preliminary case analysis. Whether it’s an internal meeting, briefing counsel or reporting to your client with your early findings, LitiGate’s intuitive interface allows you to present yo

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