The Next Generation of Litigation

LitiGate is the toolbox and the tools inside
which help you and your team manage cases from A-Z.

This is how we do it.


Turn unstructured data into value

LitiGate automatically extracts the raw facts from each and every document in order to create detailed and accurate chronologies of events, giving you the opportunity to identify, classify and verify the key facts in your case.

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Connect the dots

LitiGate makes sure that nothing falls between the cracks by analysing the sentences in your documents, extracting their meaning and comparing them to all other sentences in your case in order to reveal potentially untapped connections or discrepancies between the data.

Legal Research

Find the needle in the haystack

Instead of wasting time poring over search results only to find that the majority are irrelevant or tenuously linked, LitiGate recognises the semantic patterns in your case and uses them to find key precedents tailored specifically to the facts and arguments of your case.


Keep everyone on the same page

Create high-quality bundles with just a few clicks that you can easily save as a PDF, share digitally or print out. With a range of customisable options, it’s never been easier to put a bundle together as and when you need it.

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Work better together

Litigation is a team sport. That’s why LitiGate allows lawyers to work together easily and effectively with comments that can be left directly on documents and real-time mentions to assign tasks or notify team members of anything that requires their attention.

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Smart Search

Key information whenever you need it

Our sophisticated search technology lets you make complex and multi-layered queries, across documents that were previously unsearchable, to find exactly what you are looking for. No more searching document by document, line by line.

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Understand who did what & when

LitiGate searches your documents to identify all the actors in your case and works out the connections between them automatically, so you know who everyone is and how they fit into the big picture.

Tag Manager

Organise your case the way that works best for you

Like a colour-coded post-it-note system on steroids, tags allow you to map and categorise all the relevant issues and arguments across the case universe, ensuring that your team has instant access to all the relevant documents and passages within those documents.

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Document Timeline

Navigate your case at a glance

LitiGate identifies, categorises and dates all uploaded documents automatically. You can then choose the hot documents to display in a clear and user-friendly timeline to see the bigger picture and procedural progression of a case without having to sift through hundreds of documents.

Whether your firm is regional or global, enterprise level or boutique,
LitiGate’s got you covered.

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