AI-Powered Litigation Lifecycle Platform
for Litigators who mean business

LitiGate supercharges your case exploration and analysis capabilities.
We do the heavy lifting, automating manual tasks to maximise your team’s
productivity and free lawyers up to focus on more meaningful work.

Here’s how we do it.

Organise and classify your documents

All your case documents are automatically classified, dated, de-duplicated, clustered and ordered on LitiGate. They’re also instantly OCRd, so your whole case becomes searchable and indexed, to navigate your dataset quickly and easily, without the need to trawl through folders.

Identify key issues and events

Raw text across all evidence, pleadings and court documents is automatically analysed to extract key information and identify facts issues, actors and more. With analysed case data, lawyers can easily manage the case granular building blocks and quickly identify who did what and when.

Crosscheck every sentence

The content of evidence, facts, filings and correspondence are constantly cross-checked against each other, revealing pinpointed connections to help your lawyers identify similarities, discrepancies and unknown links.

Our Features

The tools every litigator needs to manage, explore and analyse case
facts, issues, pleadings and evidence, from case inception to appeal


Set the story straight

Unpick the history for an initial case assessment, isolate key facts for a case chronology, or see the full story to draft and review pleadings, advise your client or instruct Counsel. LitiGate automatically extracts the raw facts from every document to create detailed factual stories. Zoom out to see the whole case, or hone in on a particular aspect of the dispute.


Quick, slick, bundle building

Create high-quality, customised and compliant with the latest court requirements bundles in just a few clicks, whether for a hearing, meeting, or experts’ or Counsel’s papers. Save as a PDF, securely share digitally or export to print.


See who did what & when

Track a party or witness to inform the drafting or review of evidence or statements of case. LitiGate automatically identifies all the actors in your case and works out the connections between them, so you know who everyone is and how they fit into the bigger picture.

Smart Search

Find the needle in the haystack

Our advanced search technology facilitates complex and multi-layered queries, across the raw text in all documents that were previously unsearchable, to find exactly what you are looking for, and fast. No more searching document by document, line by line, to find key information.


Delegate, discuss, direct in real-time

Collaborate with clients and keep them in the loop. Work together with comments that can be left down to the sentence level. Real-time discussions keep everyone on the same page and make it easy to assign tasks, ask questions, or direct others to anything that needs their attention.

Tag Manager

Keep track of what’s important

Flag up issues for trial, disclosure, statements of case and further investigation. Tags allow you to map and catalogue all the relevant issues across the case, ensuring that your team has instant access to all the relevant material.

Case Dashboard

A bird’s eye view of your case

Take stock of all key case information at a glance. Track the review process and plan next steps and action points based on document breakdown, key actors, output produced and more.

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