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LitiGate is a perfect example of first-class AI technology that revolutionises the way we support our clients.”

Laurence Lieberman, Disputes and Investigations Partner
at Taylor Wessing

Advice delivered on time, on point and on budget

New dispute resolution capabilities,
for everything before and after your disclosure exercise


Get the factual story straight with just
a few clicks

70%+ time saving in creating detailed chronologies that extract the raw facts and issues from each document to build comprehensive and customisable analysis.


Don’t miss a relevant fact

Uncover similarities, discrepancies and potential unknown links between facts, filings, issues, evidence and correspondence.


Fully court-compliant bundle in five clicks 

80%+ time saving in creating an automated bundle compliant with the latest court requirements or just before a client meeting.

“A job that took hours previously now takes minutes. This has been an absolute game changer.”

Tara Grossman, Partner at Kepler Wolf

Focus on winning cases and clients

From initial case assessment to appeal, folders are just not good enough

Proud clients
They expect the best-in-class technology

Commercial firms are being commercial for their clients. An AI-powered litigation platform let your clients know they have the best lawyers, equipped with the best technology.

Winning cases
It’s all about storytelling

Automated chronologies which extract
the raw facts allow you to master the full story of your case and keep you one step ahead,at all times.

Zero mistakes
Overlooking a crucial point can be fatal

Analysing every sentence means that no stone is left unturned. Flagging up similar issues and relevant documents keeps you informed of key connections and discrepancies.

Billable time
Spend more time on what matters to clients

By organising all your case building blocks
and automating otherwise-written-off tasks, your team has less overhead and more time for meaningful work.

“LitiGate is transforming the delivery of legal services.”

Ben Allgrove, Partner & Global Head of R&D at Baker McKenzie

One centralised environment for
remote teams, clients, experts and counsel


ISO 27001 certified
Security is in our DNA. We maintain the highest standards for data privacy and security.



Business as usual 
Continue storing your documents
in folders. Explore their connections with an AI-powered litigation platform.

Unlimited cases
and storage

All you can eat data analysis
All of your clients and cases deserve the best technology, from fixed fee and panel work, through to complex, high value cases.


More administrator control
A simpler sign-in process with better control on authentication requirements.



We train and engage
Our Product Specialist Team thrive on providing fantastic service throughout bespoke adoption roadmaps.

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